Our Process

Experience the Ultimate Custom Home Journey

With over 47 years of building and design experience, we have the tools and resources to make your home building journey rewarding and satisfying. From the first contact our goal is to understand what you want in a new home and look for ways to meet and exceed your expectations. Our approach is hands on from the first step of discovering what want in your new home and taking you on the journey from conceptual drawings and discovery through the end process of the final blueprints. Our team is there at each milestone along the way. There is a joy and satisfaction that comes through this process of watching concepts become reality and seeing that whole process come to life into your very own custom home.
Site Selection
Whether you currently own your own site or would like our expert guidance on selecting the perfect building site we can help. Thoughtful and experienced site evaluation are of the utmost important and identifying key site features and potential pitfalls are important to ensuring the best building experience and proper expectation setting. Our team of experts will help you identify potential site conditions and provide expert advice on soil conditions, costs related to city ordinances, grading concerns, lakeshore, and watershed authorities and how to best navigate each ordinance and city.
Moving Forward
Once the architectural design process is complete, we will review the final plans, specifications, pricing, and estimated date of completion. At this stage the customer will sign all construction documents, provide additional funding for construction and we will discuss construction financing and the best path based on the client’s needs.
Design Process
With a vast resource of past projects available for inspiration we will work with you to help you determine your style and design esthetic and coordinate the best path for architectural design. Your choice is to use our architectural resources to fully design your one-of-a-kind home from scratch or use past inspiration as a starting point to customize from. It’s all about what is best for you, our client and we’re here to help you through the process.
Interior Design
At LDK Builders we provide all the necessary partnerships to ensure a seamless and hassle-free building experience. We have our own interior designer who will work with you throughout the building process and will ensure your style is incorporated into your custom home.